My name is Roy Ahuis. I work as channel manager SEA at Coolblue, and in my spare time I create things on the internet - mostly Bumperdo, a task management thingy. I work and live in beautiful Rotterdam.

I've always been fascinated by building things online. I built my first website in 1997 when I was 10 (I'm 32 now) and immediately loved building things everyone could see. I started maintaining the website of my local football team (the European kind) when I was 12, and realized my creations could be converted into cold, hard cash. During college I made websites for accountants, built a self-rostering application for a large care organisation, and built websites for small companies.

I was able to learn more about marketing at Vrieling, an insurance company where I was fortunate enough to be a small part of the team building their first online insurance product. After getting my master's I knew marketing was my preferred field of work and I got a the opportunity to work at Coolblue - one of the largest Dutch e-commerce companies and a great place to work. I started as an online marketeer, and made the transition to SEA-specialist a while back.

While I grew up in Emmen, I moved to Rotterdam as soon as I got a job there. I love the city and its abundance of great architecture. When I'm not behind a computer I try to run a bit, and drink beer a bit. I underperform on the former and overperform on the latter.


I currently work as SEA-specialist at Coolblue. Before that I was an online marketeer, also at Coolblue, and before that I worked as an allround marketing employee at Vrieling, a local insurance company.


I have a master's degree in Business Administration (specialisation: marketing), which I obtained at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. At work I got training in holding job interviews, coaching, and servant leadership.


You can mail me at, call me at +31621573388 or DM me at @royahuis. The current time in my timezone is 15:10 - please take into account I don't answer after 21:00. Also, I prefer e-mail over calling - I'm that guy.

What I do at Coolblue

Though I started as an online marketeer, my role at Coolblue has since changed to SEA-specialist. This means I work full time on advancing SEA and related fields at Coolblue. Working with a team of 11 online marketeers I spend my time improving our SEA-strategy by initiating experiments, improving our tooling and by working together with various development teams on feed- and API-related improvements. I also hold monthly dashboard-sessions with all marketeers where we look at the performance of their campaigns and possible improvements, work with business intelligence teams on providing better bid management logic, and cooperate with my SEO, Display and CRO counterparts to increase the overall performance of Coolblue.
I've always loved creating websites, apps and other internet-things. Below are a couple of the websites I created - some might look a little outdated, which is because they are - this is a selection of about 10 years worth of websites. I still create websites every now and then, so if you'd like me to work with you, let me know - I'd love to hear more about your project.


Bumperdo is one of many task managers, but none of the others are mine. Building, improving and maintaining Bumperdo gives me the opportunity to learn things about web development, programming, server maintenance and other things I don't necessarily use in my daily work, but still enjoy. Bumperdo is free to use and you can sign up at


Every now and then I try to write - but not enough. Find some of the latest articles below. I publish on, subjects include technology, marketing and media.

Contact me via, @royahuis or +31621573388.